Do I need help?

Forewarning about a long post. I've posted about this before, but I figured I'd bring it up again because it has been causing me problems lately. I dated a complete asshole for around 15 months when I was 14-15 and when he was 15-17. He was emotionally and sexually abusive. He told me what to wear and what to eat. He would get overly jealous of my guy friends, to the point where I wouldn't talk to anybody else but him. He's hit things if he was mad, which scared me, and I knew that he was much stronger than me physically. He would physically force me to touch him, and tried to force me to perform oral sex. He pushed my head down, and when I resisted, he only pushed harder. He even joked about raping me, saying if I changed my mind during sex he would "cover your mouth and ignore you until I'm done" (talking about me). I went on birth control after this. He would never take no for an answer for anything. Anyway, we broke up, and now I have to see him everyday at school. I'm still afraid to see him and I get anxious whenever I know I'm going to see him or his new girlfriend. I've been a lot more sensitive lately. I've stopped eating as much. My sleep schedule is either sleeping too little or sleeping too much. No in between. I find myself thinking about the things he did more and more, and all I want to do is lie in bed. If I sleep, I don't have to think. I'm going to the doctor in a few weeks for a checkup. Should I ask for help? I've had depression a few times before, and I don't mean to self-diagnose, but I know when I'm depressed, and this seems worse than ever. I've had three menstrual periods in the last 6 weeks, and I've had an ovarian cyst flare up with pain. I've lost all focus, and I'm so much more irritable. Any advice would be great. Thanks.