I could use a pep talk

R • Due 9/7 with my first little one. 💜💜
First time mom. I've had a very challenging/uncomfortable pregnancy, but with a healthy baby as far as I can tell (no ultrasounds since 20 weeks). I'm 40+4, will be 40+5 on Monday and they have scheduled my induction for Wednesday.
I am absolutely terrified of the induction, and I am feeling disappoints. My body isn't doing anything. On Thursday I was 50% a face and barely a fingertip dilated. The baby has dropped. Other than that I have had no signs of labor. I don't feel BH contractions if I have even had them.
Everyone keeps telling me I better get an epidural with the induction. I had hoped to do a natural birth. And ultimately, I will be flexible, but I'm so disappointed that things have gone this way. Every day as the clock approaches midnight I get so sad that another day has come and gone and nothing has happened, not even a new sign of labor. I feel really hopeless and sad.
I could insist on pushing the induction back 5 days or so but this was the date that was recommended for me. I also have a lot of anxiety that he is safe in my belly as I know someone who lost her baby this summer due to a cord accident when she went past her due date. I have stress dreams every night. 
I know I need to just buck up and stop being so disappointed that things aren't going the way I want. Any words of wisdom? Any positive induction stories? I'm feeling so down.