So i had sex w a guy ive been seeing for a bit on Aug. 26th 2016 and it was Unprotected im Not On Birth Control and It Was During my Obulation  Period on This Perticular day it was my second highest percentage of a wopping 22% my highest was The 25th33% but That Day Was Protected it Broke but i Took A Emergency Contracptive On The 26th But We Ended Lol Having Sex Again Lol But Long Story Short My Period Was Due 2 Days Ago (September,9,2016) its now September 11 2016 and i havent had a period and i want to know would the dr be able to pin Point which day i got preg. exactly ???? 
*Please No Rude Or Negative Comments* 
*Thanks In Advance*
Ps i have regular periods on a 30 day cycle and im NOT Stressed