Please help, I really need advice. I live in Louisiana and lost my home in the flood. A couple days after the flood I had a Dr appt, ended up crying over weight gain and when they took my bp it was 148/90. I extremely swollen and had gained 16lbs in 2 weeks. At that time I was 35wks along. She admitted me to the hospital for a 24hr observation. After 29hrs in the hospital , all test results came back normal, bp stabilized, swelling was almost completely gone, I lost 4lbs over night, no abnormal level of protein in urine. They gave me 2 steroid shots to boost baby's lungs and told me regardless they're inducing me before 37wks. Well, a week passed did another NST and a BPP on baby. She was perfect for both tests. I asked to push induction back to 38wks and some. Doctor reluctantly did so. Then last week, at 36 and a half she sent me home to do another 24hr urine collection and said I needed more blood work since it'd been 2wks since my hospital stay. Bp has been normal at every visit and I check it twice a day. Almost NO swelling, I've lost 8lbs since the 16lb gain (obvs all fluid). I'm currently 37wks 2 days. Nurse just called and said my urine and blood work was all perfect but my Dr still wants to induce me next Sunday evening .... I'm beginning to get fed up. I'm perfectly healthy. Had high bp due to a very sad stressful situation. I'm self pay, no fricken insurance so she's causing more stress with constant tests every week. As of Friday I wasn't dilated at all. I just feel like she's trying to force my baby out of me because SHE'S ready for me to have my baby. I'm not ready. Baby isnt ready. Were both healthy. What the heck do I do? I plan on telling her I'm not interested in induction anymore since its been proven over and over that im healthy but she's SO PUSHY. HELPPPPP.