Clearblue Digital OPK BD during High, missed when Peak!

Ni2 ❤

I know very well that this question is meaningless as I can find out the answer myself in 2 weeks.. But I dont have the patience, so plz help..!!

I have a perfect 28 days cycle. Clearblue digital OPK showed 'High' starting from day 11 till day 17. BD done 4-5 times during this period. Especially on day 16, 17.

Got 'Peak' on day 18 and we missed BD on 18th and 19th :(

BD on 17 was late in the night.. Peak on OPK was on 18th morning.. If Ovulation happens on 18th or 19th day, does sperms from day 16, 17 help in conception!? (assuming sperms live for 3 days minimum)

Also isnt it too late to ovulate on 18/19 for a 28 days regular cycle?? No medications/nothing unusual anytime in this cycle.. Appreciate if anyone can support 👍