Crazy morning and pumping

Tonni • Coty❤️💍 Emmy: 11.08.13💖 Grayson: 09.07.16💙 Grace 11.24.17💖
I wake up cause my son is starting to wake up and get hungry. Well my boobs are sooooo full they're like rocks. I had to hold them to walk. He let me sleep in waaaaaay too long. So as he's getting fussy I'm trying to put the pump together as fast as possible. He starts crying a little and I start leaking. Awesome little dude. I'm trying to soothe him with his binky until I can get 2 oz. took 5 minutes. Then my oldest (3) wakes up and I have to have her help me feed him and hold the bottle as I switch bottles and what not to still continue to pump. He ate is first 2 oz while I'm trying to get the hands free bra on so I can burp him and not leak without the pump on. He got fed and burped the second 2 oz while pumping the other side which was hard to do when it hurt so bad for a little. Pumped 8 oz with both boobs so that was an extra feeding for when he wakes up to eat again and to pump again and have double left over. I personally believe pumping is easier when you have your own schedule. When your baby sleeps in past his feeding time and your boobs get way too full, he can't latch and you peak everywhere and it's like trying hold onto a wet bar of soap. But yeah it's a bit stressful.