Would you be pissed if you got an episiotomy without knowing or giving concent during childbirth?

My question is would you be pissed if you got cut open during childbirth and left with a scar (painful for some) without your concent? My story of why I'm not pissed is below.

In my case I got cut because my son stopped breathing during labor and me and baby got tired so I got told 'this will hurt a little' followed by a sharp stab (injections) and a huge cut it was done in seconds and my baby was delivered still not breathing a few minutes later even after oxygen and chest pumps until he got tipped upside down and took his first breath. That was the scariest 3 minutes if my life seeing my innocent baby not breathing. I'm actually very great full that I got cut without my concent (I wouldn't have realize the dangers and would have said no had I been asked either before of during labor) I wouldn't like to think of the outcome if it had took any longer for my baby to be born. 3 years later I have a healthy happy baby but also a lot of discomfort and pain since getting pregnant again which made me look up about an episiotomy which led me to find that it's supposed to be consensual. I disagree if it's life or death for mama or baby i think midwifes should be able to do this.

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