**Edited** Condom broke!

So about a month ago my bf and I were "having adult fun" and the condom broke. I decided to go off the birth control I was on because yet again I had gotten pregnant only this time it was tubal and I lost the baby. So after that I decided to go off of it and just let my body get back on a cycle before trying yet again another form of birth control. In the mean time we just decided to use condoms which about a month or so ago one broke. Now it's that time according to the tracker (which is usually spot on for me) I should have gotten my period yesterday, well I didn't. So I hit the "I'm late" button and it put me to tomorrow (Tuesday) to get my period. Well I got it today or sort of. Anyway I am bleeding but it's more like spotting. It's very light so light that it's more pink. Now usually when I get it it's like Niagara Falls even on the first day. Could this be an indication that I'm pregnant? Should I test in the am or just give it a day or so? This is very not normal for me. Sorry couldn't think of the word lol.

Probably should have mentioned I've been off the birth control since March and my cycles have since been pretty regular.