if you've never been pregnant and you've been trying do you ever feel like you "just know" somethings wrong but never been to a doctor to confirm?

Can be as simple as yes or no, but I'm super curious.
Personally, I've tried for a while a couple years. Scared to go to the doctor because I don't want a confirmation somethings wrong/impossible. That would devisatate me, I'd rather try forever for some reason I just can't handle someone else telling me tragic news about my body. And I feel badly enough my husbands ex girl from years ago just had a baby, (I saw from a mutual friend on Facebook posted a pic of the baby out of nowhere) it came up on my news feed & my heart dropped because, it makes me think we'll she coulda gave him a baby, I'm good for nothin.. I'm 23 pretty healthy, minor health issues but nothing to effect my baby makin skills, I have scoliosis pretty bad, I have a blood disorder similar to enemia & my testosterone is slightly higher than my estrogen those are the only two things that I feel would stop me, I don't have to take meds for anything. So that's my story.