sad ending

After months of trying to get pregnant, me and my fiancé (woman) finally on September 24, 2015 found out we were having a baby. A baby girl it was. After a great pregnancy and everything going so great, a couple of days before I was suppose to have her we found out our baby girl had been dead for two days inside me. 37 weeks and 5 days.
On June 1, 2016 we had our little girl after 9 hours of labor and she was born at 2:22pm. No matter how much I blame myself or try to figure out the cause I still have no idea why. She was perfect doctors have no answer. Now after 3 months of waiting we want to try again. Yes it's so hard still but being pregnant and feeling the baby is what I want but more then anything I want a chance of a happy ending when we leave that hospital! We pray every night and day and all I ask is live your kids more then anything you can think of and please pray for us to have a baby!