5 weeks - miscarriage

UPDATE: sadly i had a miscarriage!
for anyone who is reading this and maby in a situation like me and wondering the symptoms etc.. heres mine (and please remember everyone is different and see your doctor if you have any bleeding)
5 weeks- b4 going to bed, small pink streak on toilet paper. (i wasnt too worried at this point)
next day - 
woke up out my sleep with horrible cramps, i can only describe them as VERY uncomfortable, pain ran down my legs and was very similar to period pains, i couldnt lay comfortably, my hips,bum,groin,legs were in a dull kind of pain.
- went to toilet noticed bright red blood , looked "gooey" (sorry tmi) no clumps at this point.
- the pains/cramps stopped literally so fast about an hour later. 
- went to gp, cervix was closed, told not to worry as can be normal, have to wait a week as scan is too early to show anything. 
- bleeding continued and i started getting clots (small and large) i was going through a pad in roughly 4 hours (wasnt full i just changed for hygeine reasons) looked worse than it actually was ie toilet water and toilet paper.
-passed one largeish blood clot ( resembled a liver texture, size of palm part under thumb) 
- cramps never returned, little niggles here and there but barely noticeable.
- took 3 pregnancy tests and all strong positives.
- went to bed and felt extremely sick!!!! but forced myself to sleep to forget about it.
next day- 
- bleeding continues with small clots, but seemed to be easing off. wasnt as heavy pads were unecessary into the afternoon.
- felt great! nothing different about my usual self except the slight bleeding.
- took 2x pregnancy tests , both negative.
thats literally how fast it happened and still in shock and upset.
i suppose i kinda had a "i just know" feeling that i was miscarrying but tried to stay positive. 
I have been trying to conceive with my husband for 3 1/2 years - i have PCOS (not too bad) but been on clomid for 4 months to induce ovulation. 
onwards and upwards and hopefully see you all soon with our rainbow baby.