Mirena Migraine?

I've never really had migraines before... maybe one or two in my life. My wife and stepdaughter get really bad premenstrual migraines. I had the Mirena put in around Feb or March of this year and I've noticed the past 4 months I have had a migraine usually a day or two before my period. My periods are getting lighter but my headaches are getting worse. Thankfully I've been able to treat it OTC successfully (1 aspirin, 1 ibuprofen, and 1 Tylenol taken all together kicked it this last time) and they aren't completely debilitating. Also, it seems to only last a day or two and then it's over. 
I read that this is a possible side effect of the hormone. Has anyone else had new or increasing migraines since they had their Mirena put in? It still beats the heavy bleeding, clotting, and cramping that I had before but it is rather annoying. I've almost had to miss work a couple times.