fake pregnancy

I Made A mistake . A stupid one by faking my pregency . Trunna test would he leave me .. Not trunna make him stay . He found out i was faking and we got into a big argument ... I got mad and sed his dick small i hate him i regret him nd everything . I just crossed the line but its all my fault all my fault .. Nd i realize that . After i told him many mean things he didnt wanna talk to me after when i tried to apologize ... I made my friend call him to tell him im sorry .. He end up calling me i apolgized nd everything but he said he never having sex with again ... I feel like he dont trust me or anything . Were good now but were not the same ... Do u guys think he will never have sex with me fr and never trust me again ? Or will we end up starting over like were kinda doing now ? I feel bad nd i kno i hurted him 😢