Breastfeeding question!!

Ash • Married 8.2.2014. 1st Boy 11.24.16. 2nd Boy 8.27.18

I plan to exclusively pump because I have to go back to work 8 weeks after the baby is born. So, I've read so many articles and blogs and one thing I can not find is, how do you take breast milk on the go? Say we are going to be out all day or his grandparents would like to take him out all day, how do you bring breastmilk??

People say they bring it cold in a cooler pack but how do you warm it up? Do you warm it up? Or will the baby drink it sort of cold? Idk!! I'm a first time mom and I want to be ready for breastfeeding but this is the one thing I can't seem to find how to do.