ER visit

Went 2 the emergency room yesterday cause I was bleeding a little bit and having cramps. So the Dr did blood work, a sonogram and a urine screen on me and everything turned out great. My HCG level was perfect 4 how far along I am and the sonogram was good. Baby's heart rate was 165. I was so relieved when I heard the baby's heartbeat. It is scary when your pregnant and you see blood. Dr also said that in your first trimester it's not uncommon 4 woman 2 bleed some as long as your not bleeding heavily which it's stopped now. All I could do is pray and keep praying that my baby was OK. This is my 2nd pregnancy but it's like I'm starting all over again cause my son will be 15 in November. So every little thing worrys me just like if this was my first pregnancy. It's better 2 be safe then sorry. I don't care if I make 100 trips 2 the emergency room. If I feel like something isn't right I will go 2 get everything checked out. I'm just happy that all is OK with baby.