Not-so-heavy-but-still-really-annoying burden?

Lacy • Im Lacy ! I`m in an amazing relationship. I`m a fighter of verbal and physical abuse. I love makeup and hair .
When people tend to change their hair colour quite often, why do others give that snide “again” remark.
it can never be “oh that’s a nice colour” or some comment to that sense, it’s always “aw you dyed your hair again?!”
i’m not as bad for dying my hair all the time now but any time i even mention that i want to dye my hair, there is always some arse to snort the “again” at me.
that had to be said, anyone else share my not-so-heavy-but-still-really-annoying burden?
side note* for the darker vs lighter hair battle, i may have found a happy medium :)