Low lying placenta

Ok so I am 20 weeks 2 days today and at my ultrasound on Tuesday they told me I have a low lying placenta, they were concerned to they scheduled me for an ultrasound in 4 weeks to see if there was any difference. I told them that I have been feeling a lot of pressure like a bolder sitting on my pelvis the pain has always come and gone and it never hurt more then a 4/10. They told me that if I were to start bleeding or if the pain got worse to call them and let them know right away. Last night the pain reached a level 8 and lasted into this more. It still hurts and now I'm starting to have a clear, sticky liquid discharge every time I move. I'm know I should probably call the doctor but I am so scared to go and have them admit me when I'm by myself while I have my 2 year old and no one has a way to get to me. my parents get home at 2 so I want to know what you ladies think I should do, should I stick it out till they get home or go now so I'm better safe then sorry?