Daycare room transitions

I'd love to hear advice from mamas who have had kids in daycare, or close friends/family where you are familiar with their experiences.
There are two day care centers that we are trying to decide between. One of them has more transitions from room to room than the other. I'm concerned about this because I've heard those transitions can be hard. However, all of the children we saw on the tour seemed happy and engaged, so I'm wondering if I'm making a bigger deal of that than I should be. (Obviously the kids make it through the transition ok eventually!)
I know the school does not move the kids until they think the child is developmentally ready, and they try to ease that transition (not just throw the kid in the next room), but they'd move about every 6 months until they are in the 3yo class, so that's 6 transitions. The other school would only have 4 transitions in that same timeframe. However, there are some other reasons why the school with more moves is appealing: will actually guarantee a spot vs. wait list/likely spot, and I feel they have a slightly stronger academic curriculum for the older kids.
So, I'm curious about others' experiences with their kids. I know all children are different but looking for any advice on how much weight to give that issue!