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Has anyone heard of this company? My fiancé is color blind and I always forget and ask him what color is this and this or point out the pretty fall colors that all look yellow and brown to him. And sometimes it seems like it upsets him that he can't see what I can. Well we saw them on Facebook they had made a video about the glasses. This is probably during the summer or last winter that we had seen this. And they are spendy as hell! Is birthday and our two year anniversary is coming up in October. And figured what a wonderful present I could get him since he wants them so bad! The glasses I'd be getting him are $357 which I would have to work everyday without a day off to even be able to pay for it with one paycheck. (I get paid every week) and I'm pregnant so we dont have that kind of money, but I love him and I know how much he wants these and it's well worth it! Anyways has anyone heard of the company, or ordered from them? Are/were you satisfied with them? I just don't want to spend the money and them to turn out shitty.