Needing to Vent

Jillian • Blessed mama to 2 littles. 💙💙
Hi everyone! I'm sorry this is so long, I just need to vent a bit to others who may be able to sympathize. I've been ttc for 13 months. During my last menstrual cycle I began working with a fertility specialist. That cycle was what they call a diagnostic cycle and I felt like I lived at their office. I was there almost everyday for bloodwork or other tests/procedures. My doctor likes to do all the testing in the first month if possible so that he can get the whole picture before discussing treatments. I was fine with it all, excited even that he's so proactive! I did however miss my cycle day 2/3 bloodwork and ultra sound because it fell on a weekend day they were closed. So I got my period on Wednesday, and scheduled my cd 3 bloodwork/ultra sound for today. They also had scheduled my consult today and I was FINALLY going to get to sit down with the doctor and discuss my treatment options! I was so excited (and a bit nervous) because of course I really want to start doing something that will give me the chance of conceiving. Well... here's the part where I needed to vent. Wednesday I got home from work and had bumps all over my legs, hands and feet. My regular doc was closed so my husband and I went to the ER. I was diagnosed with chicken pox. Even though I had it was a child, I got it again. Go figures. So I of course had to cancel my apt for today & my doctor wants me to "sit out" this cycle so I'll go back during my next cycle day 2/3. I'm just so frustrated! The chances of this happening are so slim yet it happened. I've been waiting months for this day and I know I only have to wait another month or so, it's just so aggravating. I needed to get this off my chest and share with people who may be able to relate and understand my frustration. Now 13 months is going to turn into 14. Now I'm just hoping I can get better soon and not miss my next early cycle since the last two have been unlucky. Thanks for reading and your support!!