advice please pregnancy???

Mina • Alayna Rose 8/2💕 👣 God’s timing not mine.🎀
I'm not gonna make this long because I Know that no one of you can tell me that I am 100% but I was just wondering when anyone else was pregnant, did you wake up almost every morning hungry like you can feel your stomach growling but like your gonna puke too, because it's been happening to me and then I'll eat like all day, and still feel nauseous all day, and I acually did throw up the other day, and I'm extremely tired, I'm falling asleep in my classes that I desperately need too get me where I'm going, and last night/morning I woke up at 3am sick as ever, so wondering did this happen too anyone else, I'm not supper too get AF till the 3d, but there's a high chance I am, also does anyone have advice for the nausea I've eaten crackers and drinken Gatorade.