Breastfeeding, please help

Sasha • My first pregnancy and I couldn't be happier!! Praying for a safe and full term pregnancy...Sept 2016 will be wonderful!

Hi moms, my LO is officially 1 month on Sunday. I was breastfeeding him for the first 2 weeks but we've had latching issues despite seeing the consultant. I started pumping and everything seemed fine until he became SUPER gassy. Under the Dr recommendation we tried supplementing, gripe water and even Colief (which breaks down the lactose in breast milk/formula) nothing seemed to be helping. The Dr then told us to use Enfamil Infant, terrible for my LO. Thr Dr then gave us a sample of Enfamil Gentlease, still gassy but not as much. My husband and I were somewhat satisfied. My MIL came to visit and as she was feeding him she noticed the fussiness we were telling her about. She came up with the idea to give him 1 more ounce. Now mind you, I've been doing the textbook recommended 2.5-3 oz. She insisted to give him more. Well it worked. It wasn't gas, he was hungry! I felt like such a bad mom.

Meanwhile, my milk has been drying up. I am wondering if I start pumping again can I get my supply up just to see if he can handle my milk now knowing that he was starving? He literally takes 4.5-5 oz of formula now and I am okay with that. Any suggestions? Anything will help.