so freaking annoyed!

I've posted about this before but tonight I'm babysitting for the couple I try to as much as I can because I know they need help. Well on top of that I work full time Tuesday-Sunday. And I go to school. She knows this, but again I try to help. We already agreed I would tonight a  few weeks ago, well last night she needed me to pick up her kids from school and just drop them off, I did. She asked if I could get the other two after practice I was running store to store trying to paint out cabinets and other stuff I said I couldn't. So she asked if I could watch the kids that night and she kept calling and texting saying it'd be a few hours blah blah. I just said I couldn't I had a lot to do which I did. But that just stressed me out a little. Well today I rushed over here after I got off work at 3. They were suppose to be done by 8. So I figured they'd be back around 9:30. ITS 11:30 AND IM STILL HERE. I'm so pissed an so fucking irritated because I still have to finish my cabinets, I still have to get up in the morning try to finish cleaning drop stuff off at my bfs mom then go to work. My boyfriend is beyond annoyed as well that I'm still not home and that they don't pay me enough for this. And because his drunk friends got in a fight and I still have to take one of them home and he's ready to go to bed but wants to talk to me before and he has to work in the morning. That's the last thing I want to do to. Because I'm beyond tired as well. I think after this I'm done babysitting for them because this shot is getting fucking ridiculous. I thought I was having implantation bleeding tonight to, but now I'm starting to think it's just stress which doesn't help me every more. Seriously I'm just venting here and usually I feel better but I'm still beyond pissed.