First month ttc fail...I'm allowed to be upset!

I'm tired of hearing people say someone can't be upset if they don't conceive the first time or even first few times. I understand people have been trying for years I have friends going through it and my Mother did growing up as well. Who is to say it should be easier or better because I haven't been trying as long. It is still upsetting especially when people around you tell you they weren't trying or do not want a baby after "mistakenly" getting pregnant. I'm allowed to cry and be upset because it still sucks no matter how short or how long one has been trying for! My struggle is not being compared to anyone's because everyone has their own! And don't think I'm attacking I said I am surrounded by all types of individuals trying to get pregnant for various lengths of time with various issues...I'm just venting and pms ing. I wish everyone the best!