Masturbation Tips?

I'm 15, almost 16, and I've never orgasmed. I've been masturbationg for almost the past three years now and I can never seem to get there. Yeah, it feels really good and I love to masturbate but I've never experienced an orgasm. 
I only get off with clitoral stimulation, penetration doesn't do much for me. I use a neck massager and this lipstick vibrator I bought.
I can get myself going really good and it feels so pleasurable but, then it gets to a little intense bit and then suddenly I have to stop. Is it too intense for me? Am I too sensitive? I try pushing through it sometimes but it just feels weird and not good anymore. I used to think the intense bit was an orgasm but it doesn't feel good enough or as amazing as I know it should. 
Does anyone have any advice? I need ALL the help I can get. Even the weirdest methods, tips, or tricks will help. I just wanna have an orgasm!!