Not so sexy time 😐

At a house party one night there was 1 bed left me and my boyfriend lay down cause we were genuinely exhausted, i fell asleep cuddled on my boyfriends chest , i was wasted, we were out cold sleeping we had been working and at the gym and then we were partying pretty damn hard, thing is i took a twitch that woke my self up to only find my boyfriends bestfriend laying beside me then i realised he had no clothes on from the waist down i checked my self and it seemed like my clothes were just ruffled from sleeping but i was in the same possition, i talked to my boyfriend about it and he said his friend was probably just drunk and passed out but i still felt unsure of the situation, about 3 weeks later i was at my boyfriends house and his mates came over for a few drinks, the night went on and his friends began to leave except the same friend i just told you about, i had not been drinking and i was bored and tired so i let my self fall asleep (didnt think id have anything to worry about considering im at my boyfriends house) but sure as hell i must have been asleep for maybe an hour i sort of woke up but i was trying to fall back to sleep i didnt open my eyes but i heard my boyfriend leave the room and before i knew it his friend slipped his hands into my leggings trying to pull my underwear to the side, i freaked out and slapped him and told my boyfriend what his friend just did, my boyfriend sent him home & he didnt speak of it again. Should i be anxious over the first incident ? i think i may have been too drunk and tired to notice when i sleep im a deep sleeper. Is that classed as rape? Like i have so many questions, ladies please help me make sense of this

Ps my boyfriend and him is still friends and i live in fear being around him