Feeling baby at 13+5??


I know this topic has probably been beaten into the ground...

But I'm just curious if anyone else felt baby around this time? I don't know if it's cause I want to feel him so bad or if I'm actually not crazy! Lol

Every time I get gas I always stop and feel to see if it moves/is def gas....so I'm pretty sure its not.

Its right above my pubic hair line and I felt a couple taps. Just literally like if someone tapped me...from the inside. Right in the middle.

And I stopped and waited to see if there were more and it didn't move around like gas or feel anything like that...

And then a few min later I felt it again about an inch or two to the left (where I thought I've felt it before too)

😥 I'm sitting over here crocheting and can't focus because of this.

"Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me

Twice on the pipe if the answer is no" 😂