Weird bumps with fevers TMI

k ā€¢ 19

For months now I've been getting purple bumps inside my thigh that get about the size of a thumb and drain large amounts of dark green puss and are very painful and then I started getting them in the crease of my elbow and my asscrack dude but the doctor told me it was nothing. Now I'm running a fever and I feel like throwing up and there's a huge one of my leg I just drained. I just need to complain and honestly find out what this is because I have no clue. I feel like shit. Plus I'm on an antibiotic for a root canal that is giving me death diarrhea. God be with me. šŸ˜”ā˜


I am currently taking amoxicillin for a root canal I had recently to prevent an infection. Could taking this have induced this bump if it is staph? It didn't form until after I started the amoxicillin.