Question about faint preg test lines ..

I took 3 preg tests before my missed period ,they were all very very faint,two ept tests and one dollar store even came up also but all were very faint (could barely see them, the first one half of people said it wasn't even there). My period was due Sept 30th by the way. Yesterday I took a dollar store test it took a few min but came up very very faint also until 5or so min later it got a little darker (anyone could see it though),but still a lot lighter than the other line. Than today I took another dollar store test to showy husband and it was the same way also. I have always tested really early but if I tested after period was due they were as dark as the other lines by now. What does this mean? My symptoms started 3days after ovulation and got stronger before period was even due and I still have symptoms. Am I going to miscarry possibly?? Or what do you think this means?? (We aren't ready for this one anyways but I still want to know and need to know) please any ideas??? Thank you in advance. PS. Today is Oct 2nd