Single may be easier!


I love my husband to death but I'm about to kill him with this name thing. I picked names for my nieces and nephews no problem. When it comes to naming my own it's another story.

Hubby likes to play dumb, like I am speaking another language, when I tell him a name I like. I love Silas, Rhett and Wyatt. When I told him the names I liked he pretended like he couldn't say them and said if he can't say them then he can't spell it. His mom suggested Jamison Curtis so we can use part of my name and part of my dad's since he is our last. Great idea but I hate my name and she already said she would call him Jami. Of course hubby loved it beings how his mom suggested it. I found the name Lathan and I love it but then I'm speaking alien to him so he doesn't get it. MIL says Jetnisen, (I would spell it Jensen or Jentsen) he loves it!!! Now he is saying just pick a name. Lil man will be here in less than 6 wks. What name do I go with Lathan, Jensen, or Jamison? Sorry it was so long.