Relationship Advice! I Need Ideas!

i met this guy who i can definitely see myself marrying and i know i'm already falling in love with him. well things have been going great for almost like a month, but then this weekend we got in a stupid little fight and he said he needed space. i asked if i should be worried and he said he didn't know. well his birthday is friday and before this last weekend we were planning on celebrating tomorrow night. well i still want to give him his present and what not and i made him a cake. but i want to do something that really says "i'm worth it" but i don't know what that could be that wouldn't be too over the i was wondering if y'all have any ideas?! i already thought about sex, but we already have meaningful sex regularly and i don't want to try to purposefully confuse him with sex if he needs space. but i do want to do something romantic so he knows i'm worth it!