3 wks early! Long story

I was due October 24th. At 33 weeks I was hospitalized for preterm labor. I had gotten to 2cm before it stopped by itself. I was put on bed rest but I'm stubborn and didn't listen. The most I tried to do was sit at work no bending or extra walking. I worked till 36 wks. I spent a week home bored out my mind! On October 2nd my family and I went to my God son's 1st birthday party. I sat for 4hrs, ate some really spicy homemade salsa and an awesome chicken burrito. At 8pm we were getting ready to head home I was standing holding my God son when I felt a trickle. I thought maybe I had to pee but I really didn't feel like I had to pee. Then I felt it again a little more I seriously thought maybe I was peeing on myself. I stepped into the hallway as I didn't want to be embarrassed and as soon as I got out there a big spurt of warm liquid came out. I was still like what is this what is going on. Mind you this is my 3rd pregnancy but my water never broke on its own before so I never knew the sensation. Anyway it kept coming and I began to think maybe my water broke. I called my friend and she came out to the hall yelling in excitement. Skip ahead I wasn't in pain and was pretty much laughing about wetting my pants I drove home and took a shower. I got to the hospital at 10pm they confirmed my water did break. I still had no pain or contractions and I was 2cm. By 12am I was moved to the delivery room. I was officially full term! At 5am the doctor inserted cervidil to start the process. At 9am I started feeling contractions that were pretty strong. By 10am I wanted an epidural and was only at 3cm and they gave me pitocin. 11am I felt awesome but had an adverse reaction to fentanyl and was itchy all over. Better than being in pain! 1120am I felt the contractions stronger than before like I had not gotten an epidural at all. They gave me an extra injection into the catheter of the epidural at 1130am and I was at 7cm. Nothing helped the pain was getting worse I was nearly in tears and trying to break my husbands hand. At 12pm I felt an intense contraction and then a head sitting in my vagina. The delivery team rushed in and said it's time to push. By then I didn't feel contractions I felt my baby coming out. I silently pushed 3 times and she was out! The doctors were so shocked about how easy it was and how nonchalant I was pushing. I didn't rip or tear or need to be cut. They said they wish all deliveries was this easy. I gave birth at 1222pm to a 5lb 14oz 17.5in baby girl I named kailey on October 3rd at just 37 weeks. We are going home tomorrow and super happy!