postponing an appointment? yes or no?

Alright, so as I posted before I had this awful awful experience with my doctor last week. It was the second doctor I've seen during this pregnancy, the first is further away so we switched to someone closer but this one that is closer was a total nightmare of an appointment-read my previous post if interested- but this second dr I saw just days apart from the first dr. And they both said everything was completely normal and fine and so on. And I have nothing worry about. But this new dr is insisting I go in for visits EVERY WEEK for no explained reasons. At all. He couldn't give me one reason i would need this. I wouldn't mind if he wasn't a nightmare when doing a transvaginal US. I'm looking to switch (again) but haven't found a female dr near me yet. I'm only 7 weeks 3 days- still very early! I normally wouldn't of even been seen once yet let alone twice but I insisted on being seen for insurance purposes. Does it make me a totally awful human being and mother if I cancel this next appointment which is only 1 week after my last one just to give me the extra time to find a new dr that I actually like and doesn't jab that thing around to the point of excessive bleeding? I don't want to miss an appointment but I also don't want this dr in particular doing anymore of my US. Is one more week of waiting an awful thing to do? Especially considering I'm so early and was already seen twice and told I'm perfectly fine?