Car Accident

Today I got into a car accident with my 2 month old in the back seat. Scariest thing was hearing her cry out. How did it happen you ask?
I look down at my phone to listen to a voicemail, after it fell off my phone holder. One second was all it took, and even after slamming on my brakes and swerving, that car was coming right at me. 
I slammed into the back of car in front of me, easily going 25-35mph, who had stopped behind a dump truck with trailer. Her car was fine. One back up camera damaged, a small ding to her back door, and damage to her bumper and hitch. My front end of my car is completely damaged. Not driveable, and I'm lucky my air bags did not go off. 
I write this not to get all of the "how horrible you are for looking at your phone with your child in the car," but because it took one second on slick roads and checking a voicemail from my boss that put my child and I at risk. We all think it won't happen to us, that we are immune, and that looking at our phones is not a distraction. The fact of the matter is that your phone is a distraction, and by the grace of God things weren't worse. I have whiplash, my daughter was cleared in the ER, and the lady in front of me was fine, as were her dogs. 
Think before looking at your phone. It's not worth it.