NOT inviting my parents to my wedding?

Me and my dad don't get along, at all. I was a horrible child/teenager (as I'm sure we all were) and I have done a lot of things I regret but he can't seem to get over the past, and literally wants nothing to do with me. I'm the youngest of 5 girls, I have a different mom to my older sisters, but I grew up living with my dad and my stepmom. I'd like to have a relationship with him, but he's not for it and he acts like I'm not even his daughter, so a couple of years ago I decided to leave him be. 
Me and my fiancé were making our wedding invites and he noticed my dad wasn't on the list. Now, obviously I would love for my father to walk me down the aisle, but if I sent him an invite I doubt he'd even come. I don't know what would hurt who more: Me inviting him to the wedding and him not showing up, or me not inviting him. 
I've tried talking to him in previous years, and I know exactly why he's holding a grudge with me but I refuse to apologise for something I shouldn't have to because I suffered years of abuse from him and his wife but at the end of the day I'll always love him because he is my dad.