Single Ftms??

any first time moms out there doing it all on their own and don't have a lot of money and feel they aren't going to give their baby the life they deserve and are stressed that we are not going to be able to afford everything baby needs before we have him/her? I'm so excited for baby and don't regret keeping him/her but I fear I won't have everything I need to take care of him/her and won't have the best life because I'll be a just getting by mom  and on top of it all they won't even have their father and I just feel some days that I was selfish by keeping my beautiful baby because they might hate me for it when their older even though my home is full of the basics and I do have a lot of mandatory and extra baby items and will be the best mother to my child and be both a father and mother as much as I possibly can so they don't feel somethings missing and their "not loved" as much as they feel they should be. im just doing the best I can and way more then the father is and I would never leave my child and I just hope they eventually see that... 😔