Judgey people

Last night someone shared a post that basically said "I got pregnant in the first month of TTC bc we BD'ed every night" and if you do anything less, you aren't doing it right. I replied to the post and said that people like her, who have no idea what it's like to be 12+ months in and not know if you CAN get pregnant, having to deal with fertility testing, exhaustion and all that other fun stuff, have no right to judge anyone else for doing the best they can. She has since removed the post and I'm assuming it's because she got a lot of flack for it before I could come back and view the responses. 
Anyways...The post apparently hit my hot button and I got a sweet reply from someone that was so nice to hear(thanks Jamee!) but I'm curious- how do YOU react to people that try to tell you that what you are doing isn't good enough and that you need to do it how they did to be successful? Do you jump down their throats like I did last night or just do what I *usually* do and try to gracefully ignore the ignorant people?