what am I doing

Ugh. As of now I don't know what I should do. I went to tech school and have a job in the field and I absolutely hate it. I just don't have much interest in what I do, but I think most of it is the office I work at I hate it here so much. There's been a lot of times lately I about just walked out. I've been looking for a new job but I've had no calls whatsoever. 😞 I'm also going to school I'm only taking a few classes because of work so it's taking me a lot longer to finish and I just started. And even that I want to go into a field that it's going to take me about 6-8 years before I can get into the field. My boyfriend finds it kind of pointless. Which I don't completely disagree with him. And I'm questioning myself because I've never been good in school. And these few classes I'm taking. I'm wondering if college is even for me. I feel like the dumbest person on earth when doing work for these classes and they're suppose to be easy. But I want to prove to myself, and i don't want to be stuck at a dead ass job forever. My friend is thinking of going to cosmetology school. And I keep wondering why I didn't do that. I use to spend hours doing my hair and makeup, I'd do it for other people, I always looked up tortorils about it. But I don't want to just drop out of college now and end up being where I'm at now hating what I do. I know none of you can tell me to do this and that it's all my decision. But I'm just looking for some advice/suggestions how I should handle this and figure it out. 😞 I'm 20 so I know not a lot of people my age know what they want yet. But I don't have time to sit and jack around you know. I don't live with my parents, I have things to take care of. I just have no idea what the hell im doing or going. To do.