Fertilaid for Men Success?

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Hey everyone! First time posting here! 
Im 27 years old, and have 2 children from my previous relationship.
I have been with my current fiancé for 3 years, and we were not TTC. I had mirena as my source of BC, but removed it in May of this year. My fiancé suffered from Testicular cancer in 2012, and had to have the cancerous testicle removed. The doctors told him it would decrease his sperm by about 30% by doing this. He didn't undergo any radiation. He doesn't have good health insurance, i do but I cannot add him to my plan until we are married. He did have an SA done last year, but the clinic did not handle his sample properly. He had a count of 0.7 (700,000) and normal volume.. but they were unable to test for motility, morphology, etc because the sperm died before testing could be completed. We plan on having him see the urologist once we are married and he can have better insurance thru my job, but I wanted to try Fertilaid for men with the boosts to see if that can help improve the quality of his sperm before we get started. He doesn't have any biological children of his own, and has chosen to care for mine as if they were. He is such a loving and caring man, and I would love to share the experience of conceiving a child with him, but I fear that he doesn't have a chance naturally. 😥 any success with the Fertilaid?? Thanks to those who read and
Choose to respond. 😘