why do I even bother with my OB at this point!

Last month I went to the OBGYN with pain in my left ovary, also found out my right ovary was Enlarged, GYN said possible PCOS, but since i have very regular periods, no acne, no facial hair or hair in other places in my body that would be considered abnormal, the results were inconclusive. Of course! 
Day 3 today in my fertile window, I had this pain last night as if I was just about to start my period, not painful enough to take something, but uncomfortable enough were I had trouble sleeping. 
Was told my first appointment I had low progesterone and I may not be ovulating that was on Cycle day 21, then cycle day 3 I was told everything was normal, my progesterone was normal. Been TTC for 8 months now with no success. Do blood tests show if your tubes are blocked?? What does this all mean?
My period was late 2 weeks since having the cyst.
Do you think the pain I felt last night was Cyst rupture? Or ovulation pain? I was always under the impression ovulation pain is and only is one side, not both.
Maybe it burst on my left and ovulated on my right, I don't know???
My OB HAS BEEN LESS then helpful! Wants me to make An appointment to explain my labs which I've never had to do before, and of course right now I'm waiting on new insurrance so I can't even go in for an ultrasound for piece of mind to answer these frustrating questions!!! So annoyed!!! So fed up!!! I'm so tired of doctors these days, it's all about business! It's all about money! And if you don't have it they won't see you! Couldn't even get a f**king nurse on the phone to explain my results, instead she left me the results on my voicemail! Really!!!! What's going on with me!!!????
UPDATE: nurse called to tell me she will try and have the doctor call me to explain further and that I need to come In For an appointment if I want to discuss the next steps. Again notes on her screen she says I have PCOS, then says "oh! Well it really means it could be possible you do, you should come in" 
I'm so fed up!!