Survival or Greed?

Mary • My beliefs and opinions are constantly evolving
Hurricane Matthew is coming closer to Florida, and people are freaking out about the fact that there's a possible chance that it might boomerang back, getting it for a SECOND time.
Now my family and I went to grocery stores to buy foods that would last us without refrigeration in case the power goes out. As we walk through the store looking for food, there are a couple ailes  that are completely EMPTY. Multiple stores ran out of bread and water, and gas stations are closed since they're out as well. 
We grabbed canned foods that were left, but when we just kept grabbing I felt bad. I kept worrying that we were taking too much, I didn't want to leave none for other people since they need it too. 
I saw a women grab 10 cans (of soup maybe?) and that was all that was left on that aile. I wasn't trying to be judgmental, but it made me worry and think about what some people were doing.
Do you think it's okay for people to do that for survival? Or is it just greedy?

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