Help please!!!

So two weeks ago I was getting very faint lines on pregnancy tests and then on Monday afternoon 9/28 I started bleeding which was a day early for my AF so I just figured I had a chemical pregnancy and was super bummed out. But then I only bled for about 2 days and stopped completely then a day later bled for one more day. After one day it stopped completely again for 5 days then on this past Monday 10/3 I had one more day of spotting now nothing. My cervix is very high soft and very closed. I have been very tired very very bloated and nothing helps. Plus I get these shooting pains in my boobs and nipples. My boobs aren't overly sore and I have only had a little bit of nausea. I really don't know what's happening because my periods are always 5 days and are like clockwork and I never spot. I took a test today and I don't think I see a line but ovulation tests are negative. Could I be pregnant this soon even though ovulation tests are negative?? Here is the test I took today??? Someone please help I'm frustrated and concerned!!!