Honest opinions please.

ashley • Ashley. 28. Mommy to Aubree. 💗 Married to my best friend. 💕
I had gotten my first tattoo last Friday, almost a week ago. I adored my great grandfather tons as he was an important figure in my life. So I thought I'd tattoo his death date. I did, but my grandma, her friend, and my mom flipped shit and called it trashy. That's not the whole meaning behind it. I spent the last two days with my great grandfather not knowing his last few days on earth were so short. The day he passed away is just a date but the last moments I had with him on that date were much more meaningful. Every time I look at the tattoo I think of those special memories we last had and not his death. What do you think about this? Is my family and family friend being too negative? Or was it a wrong move to have tattooed onto my skin?