Do you think anyone would hire me at 31 weeks pregnant?

I had a job, I was working as a cna. They fired me for too many call outs. Yea, my fault. I was very sick for a while. :/ but my fiance and I are struggling with money and barely have anything for baby. Our electric bill is over 300 dollars and we're about to be shut off. We're doing the best we can but he only makes about 300 a week and our rent is 800 and he has an sr22 that HAS to be paid, no options, or hell get his license taken away again. My question is, do you think anyone will hire me for part time knowing I'm not coming back? Hell I'd settle for working at mcdonalds, a gas station, dunkin donuts, anything that brings money in for the last two months. Anyone here get hired this late in the game? What do you think my chances are. I'm going to try anyways, but I wanted to see if anyone had some actual insight. Thank you :)