Gender ring and hair test?

mikayla • mommy to a princess 💖 Due: April 8th, 2017
Theres these videos going viral on the internet and im wondering if its accurate for anyone (so far every thing ive seen was accurate) if you dont know what im talking about theres a "gender test" you tie your ring to a peice of your hair and then you lay your palm flat on something and swing the ring back and forth inbetween each finger then hang the ring above your palm if it swings back and forth it means girl and around in wide circles means boy. It could also tell you how many kids your having and the gender in the correct order. If you repeat the steps again it will tell you the next gender. Once it stops moving after you repeat it means your done having children. The crazy thing is i tried this and im pregnant with my first. My results were two children both girls. I did this multiple times and every single time the results are the same. So we tried it on my SO's hands and we got the same.exact.results twice. So im wondering has it been accurate for you?