How to tell my Dad I'm pregnant??

I have a great relationship with my Dad. He raised my brothers and I by himself, working all the time so that we all were comfortable and had nicer things. I'm definetly a daddys girl, but my Dad is a "man's man" so he's got a very stern personality. I moved out with my boyfriend about 2 years ago, and we've never had to ask for help with anything. He was pretty surprised that I moved out as quick as I did. He likes my boyfriend because he knows he takes care of me. I have had 2 miscarriages in the past year, but my Dad only knew about one of them. Now I am pregnant again (about 4 weeks along), and I want to tell my Dad before he finds out from someone other than me. I guess I'm just scared at his reaction to another pregnancy (even though his first reaction was a pretty positive one). I just turned 21 so I'm still somewhat young, and I have just quit my job because my boyfriend and I were going to move to another state (which I don't want to do know that I have a little one on the way). Any advice?