Breast Cancer?

For about two months now I have noticed changes in my breasts, my nipples change back and forth from being a dark purple to normal, they've recently become inverted most of the time, I get little red spots that just pop up, I've also had a lot of bumps and dimpling all over my breasts. Also I have been lighted headed a lot and been absolutely exhausted and have a lot of upper back pain and breast pain, I will also occasionally feel a bump but it goes away. My breasts have also gotten smaller and aren't as even as they used to be. My chest will also break out in a bumpy red rash all over. I'm worried that I might have breast cancer, I'm only 20 so I know it's not likely, but I'm not sure what to do. I'm alone off at college and my parents don't really take medical issues seriously unless it becomes extremely bad so I'm also not sure where I should go to get checked out because I know they won't be that helpful.