Breech questions!

Hi Ladies!
I am currently over 36 weeks (due 10/30) and my stubborn little girl has not turned yet.  At my last appointment my doctor suggested we could try to turn her at the hospital using an ECV procedure but then she listed all the risks involved and that it's only 50% accurate.  My mom is so against this and in my ear constantly to make sure I don't mess with the baby.  The other option is to get a scheduled c-section.  I guess I never considered this during my "birth plan" but I feel so torn.  I know that c-sections are super common but I'm afraid of the recovery.  Should I try to turn her at this point or go with the flow and see what happens in the next few weeks? Is there anything that I could have done differently during this pregnancy to make her turn? I am obviously a FTM so I'm feeling really stressed out about this.  Any insight on this topic would be really helpful.  Thanks ladies.