i think im going crazy

Me and my husband decided we wanted to ttc in July and August i got my bfp!! I was soo excited since i figured it would take a while to get pregnant and everything seemed so easy and i felt so extremely blessed. But my excitement was short lived it was a chemical pregnancy.I always heard of miscarriages but never knew what chemical was or missed miscarriage and so on.Ever since that day i feel like i have gone insane!!! I cant stop reading stories,googling stuff and only thing i can focus on is ttc.We didnt prevent or wait one cycle after the cp but last week when ugly af showed up i was devastated to another level.I know its only one month but i did use opks and i baby danced when i ovulated so now i think something is wrong with me or my husband.I went and got preseed and doing things that i shouldn't be doing so early on in ttc.I feel like im obsessed and it's getting out of hand.So many of u ladies have been trying for so long and mine is nothing compared to all the stressful times most of u gone thru but i still cant help acting like a crazy lady! Someone talk some sense into me