Being open about sex

Moms, please be open with your children (especially your daughters) about sex. I pretty much just use this app to track my period but I do get a kick out of reading some of the posts and, sometimes, find them quite informative which is good because I never got it at home. I grew up in a very conservative home and sex is hardly ever discussed, openly or in private. So, once I started my period, my mom really never gave me any answers; "we'll talk about it when your older" she would tell me. Well, I'm 22 now and the stuff that I know I learned by myself and that was not healthy. The lack of knowledge made me curious and, since I wasn't getting answers from my mom (or my dad), I turned to the internet and other materials. I then met a guy who was more sexually knowledgeable than me and I entered a very dangerous relationship because he gave me answers and then used my lack of knowledge against me. Thankfully, I got out but I think a lot of this could have been avoided if my mom had sat down with me and been more open about sex and what was going on in my body. Thanks for being an awesome community of women that help each other.